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Online resource using the Olympics to inspire children, young people and their teachers about architecture and the built environment.
 Step 2: Appraisal

Now you have chosen the location of your Games you need to carry out an appraisal of your site. This can be done as a paper exercise or preferably as a site visit. We think it is important to base your designs on a real local site and, if possible, arrange a visit to survey it. Your class will get a fantastic insight into the architectural design process.

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By the end of this step your class will have either visited the identified site for your 2012 Games and completed individual appraisal worksheets, or have undertaken mapping activities in the classroom; pupils who visited the site will also have taken measurements and cross referenced a real site with a map. The class will also have sketched their initial ideas to be developed as part of the next step.

This resource has been developed by Fundamental with additional support from arc and was commissioned by CABE as part of its programme