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Online resource using the Olympics to inspire children, young people and their teachers about architecture and the built environment.
 Step 3: Design Brief

Now you have surveyed your site you need to develop your design briefs. All architects and planners work to design briefs. In this section you will find pre-determined briefs for some of the Olympic and Paralympic venues and debating cards to help you to write your own design briefs.

Use role play with some of the class acting as politicians or other leaders and others acting as planners, architects, and maybe even community members to debate and adapt the briefs or to write your own class briefs for your buildings. Remember the site you have chosen is really part of the brief!


By the end of this step your class will have reached the end of the Preparation Stage and decided upon the final design brief for their 2012 Games.

This resource has been developed by Fundamental with additional support from arc and was commissioned by CABE as part of its programme