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Online resource using the Olympics to inspire children, young people and their teachers about architecture and the built environment.
Step 1: Identify the Site

Now you have chosen your Option and decided on your events or cultural activities you need to identify a suitable site in your neighbourhood to develop your project. Any sporting or cultural activity will need a designated site where you’ll build your venues and host your events.

If you’re planning Option A to host the whole Games you’ll need to find a big site, the equivalent of 357 football pitches or 2.5km2. Options B & C need much less space, so think about smaller sites nearer to your school or even within the school grounds.

Ideas  Resources
Use these links to look at some potential sites in the classroom:
By the end of this step you will have discussed your local area with your class and assessed its potential to host the 2012 Games; pupils will have explored local maps and identified a suitable site to design facilities for sporting or cultural events.

This resource has been developed by Fundamental with additional support from arc and was commissioned by CABE as part of its programme