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Online resource using the Olympics to inspire children, young people and their teachers about architecture and the built environment.
In 2012 London will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Hosting the Games is an exciting but huge task with facilities to be built and events planned. What†if your school or community were to host the Olympics, run an individual sporting event or hold a cultural activity to celebrate the Games? Why not take up the challenge and Bring the Games Home!
Getting started

Explore three options to the right and then follow our five step design process to develop your very own 2012 Games.

Encourage other teachers in your school to get involved and compete for the best Games for your community then send us your results to showcase on-line.

Click here for the Bringing the Games Home! further information page, a directory of resources, useful links and lesson plans for KS1 - 4.
Option A

Masterplan a park and host the whole 2012 Games

This option is suitable if you are looking for a big challenge that will get the whole class involved. You will need to find a large site and there are plenty of ideas and activities to help you and your class plan, design and build a model of your Games.
Option B

Design and build a stadium to host an individual sporting event

This option is suitable if you donít have the time to create an entire park or you donít think you can identify a site near you that is large enough. Here you will be taken through the same design process but you can focus more on the design and model building activities.
Option C

Hold a cultural activity
to celebrate the 2012 Games

This option is suitable if you are interested in celebrating the Games but donít want to focus solely on sport. Here you will also be taken through the same design process but this option may be better if you want to focus on the Cultural Olympiad.
This resource has been developed by Fundamental with additional support from arc and was commissioned by CABE as part of its programme